janathaLIC's Janatha is a low cost Life Insurance plan just to suit young men and women like you. It is a premium return policy, where you get back all what you pay. That's not all, the extended risk coverage continues even after you cease to pay premium.


Low affordable premium with maximized risk cover

Accident benefit rider

Term rider benefit

Extended term cover for 5 years the after maturity


Male or female between the ages of 18 years to 50 years. Minimum sum assured is Rs. 100,000 and thereafter in multiples of Rs.10, 000 up to a maximum of Rs.2, 000,000.


Survival benefit

Return of premiums to the policy holder on survival to the end of the extended term 5 years.

Death benefit

Full sum assured will be paid upon the death of the policy holder not withstanding the premium paying term and also during the extended cover of five years.

Accident benefit

By paying an additional premium you would enjoy the accident death benefit in the event of any eventualities during the premium paying term and the extended too.

Term Rider

This will be offered as a rider benefit. This benefit is available only during the premium paying term. It will not be available during the extended terms.